"The Secure Technology Alliance Access Control Council looks at a successful year in 2019, working on implementation guides and commenting on specifications for the Federal Government. The Council fills a critical role - and one that will continue into 2020 - bringing together Federal government and industry stakeholders to collaborate on implementing secure access control credentials. We invite everyone to join us as we help to create a more secure process."

Lars Suneborn, Access Control Council Vice ChairID Technology Partners

Member Contributions

Members contributions to Alliance industry activities range from chairing and serving on council steering committees to leading projects to writing and commenting on white paper content and presenting in webinars, workshops and conferences.

Council participation continues to be strong.  Over 100 individuals participate in each of the six councils – with each project staffed by members having expertise in the topic area being researched.  Each year, the Alliance recognizes Council top contributors and most active members on the Council Honor Roll.  The 2019 Honor Roll included 8 chairs, 22 top contributors and 47 Honor Roll members across all councils.

The Alliance thanks all our members for their strong support and for the time and expertise that they contribute to Alliance projects and activities!