Looking forward to 2020, Alliance councils are tackling the challenges with implementing secure technologies for new identity and payments applications.

Spearheaded by the Identity Council, the Alliance launched a mobile driver’s license initiative to raise awareness, support development, accelerate adoption, and educate the U.S. market on the technology and applications for standards-based, state-issued mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs).  Council activities in support of this initiative include: developing cross-industry relationships with organizations and relying parties who would benefit from the mDL; providing educational resources on the draft ISO 18013-5 mDL standard; and investigating market-specific mDL uses.  The effort is being coordinated with the U.S. Payments Forum work group that is developing mDL use cases for retail and financial applications.

Electric vehicle owners face challenges with public charging stations – an account is needed with the charging station operator in order to charge the vehicle.  The Payments Council is tackling this problem by defining an electric vehicle charging open payments framework.  Leveraging the payments industry work on tokenization, the Council is defining an approach that builds on the new ISO 15118 standard for digital communication between the electric vehicle and the charger.  A white paper is being developed with participation from Alliance members and electric vehicle charging stakeholder guests.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an important new approach in the transportation industry that allows an individual to plan, organize and purchase their trip from Point A to Point B in a manner that allows them to select the most advantageous trip and process the transaction securely and easily.  Building on its ground-breaking work defining how contactless open payments can be implemented in transit, the Transportation Council has launched an initiative focused on payments integration with MaaS applications.  Planned activities include developing educational resources and hosting cross-industry workshops to explore opportunities, challenges and solutions.

This is an exciting time. State issued Mobile Drivers Licenses (mDLs) have the potential to recast in-person and online standard identity verification or age appropriate business processes and practices. There is an urgent need for businesses and services providers – from retailers and financial institutions to healthcare providers and other organizations to become aware and educated on mDLs and evaluate how they could benefit from a strongly vetted, trusted, standards-based mobile ID. STA's Identity council is leading a major STA initiative to fulfill this need by raising awareness, supporting development, accelerating adoption and educating the market on the technology and applications including key adoption issues such as interoperability, utility, ease of use, and privacy.

Thomas Lockwood, Identity Council ChairNextgenID