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We believe in versatility, which means your X1 series bike will be able to go wherever life takes you. While it has traditional downhill biking parts, they’ve been tuned to adjust to city like conditions. Finally the freedom you’ve been craving is here.

Handmade Quality

Built By Actual Riders

Everyone at Salient bike industries is a die hard rider, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product. We know the trails you want to go on so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to handle them.

Training and Certification Programs

The Alliance provides a large number of educational resources covering important industry issues or implementation considerations, summarizing best practices and informing stakeholders on latest developments in secure technologies.


The Leadership, Education, and Advancement Program (LEAP) is an online, members-only organization for industry professionals.


In 2019, 150 individuals were certified

The Certified Smart Card Industry Professional training programs provide advanced levels of knowledge in secure technologies and applications. The designation indicates demonstrated proficiency in a broad body of industry knowledge:

  • Smart card technology fundamentals
  • Security
  • Application and data management
  • Identity and access control usage models
  • Mobile and Near Field Communication (NFC) usage models
  • Payments usage models


In 2019, 100 individuals were certified

CSCIP/G certifications require the same level of industry knowledge as the CSCIP certification, excludes payments topics and includes:

  • FIPS 201, PIV card and Federal identity management initiatives


In 2019, 90 individuals were certified

CSCIP/P certifications require the same level of industry knowledge as the CSCIP certification, along with knowledge of the following principles:

  • In-depth content on EMV and EMV migration
  • Mobile and NFC payments
  • Smart card use in card- and account-based transit payment systems


In 2019, 250 individuals were certified

The Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) training and certification program provides training and certification required for E-PACS engineers who are employed by commercial organizations that are looking to bid on GSA procurement agreements for access control systems.


Newest Program

The Transportation Security Certified Identification Professional (TSCIP) is a credentialed certification recognizing professionals who have knowledge and experience in advanced Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card implementation for access security. The program was created in 2019, with training and exams to follow in 2020.

Corporate Training Program

Nine organizations took advantage of the corporate training program. Congratulations to the 50 individuals who received their certification in 2019; thank you to these following companies who participated in the corporate training: Allied, Bank of America, Deere, National Honor Society, Transportation Security Association (TSA), and United Bank


Recertification, valid for two years, extends the value of the CSEIP certification by demonstrating that the certificant is current with new requirements or changes in the technology of E-PACS systems. Congratulations to the 65 individuals who became re-certified in 2019.

“The Alliance maintains and updates its training materials to reflect industry changes. This was really important to me, because I wanted to make sure that I knew the latest information”

Jim SmithG&D Mobile Solutions

“The training – which took place over two days – was extremely helpful, and the exam that followed was all based on the training I received. No guess-work or ‘trick questions’”

Mary JonesTSYS

Base Frameset

Salient Package

Salient main frame, G4 Link Tube, 220mm Travel, EVOX Link, Micro Truss, Enhanced Armor

Wheels & Tires

Infinity R5

20mm front, 150×10 rear, Ultra durable J3 Group Issue Tires 26.5″x2.4″


Nectar Triggers 26X

HyperX Crank 48, Salient K7M Chain, Ultra6 Bottom Bracket, 10 Speed up/down Gearbox


Nectar Set

Elite Ultra Comfort Seat, Salient xGrip Handlebars 32mm, Orbit Bearing

X1 Downhill Dream

The X1 series bike is nothing but the ultimate mountain machine. Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced riders who wanted something better than what was out there. Try the X1 today and you’ll never go back.

From $1099.99

X2 Canyon Monster

Available Soon from $799.99

From $799.99

X3 Hill Trecker

Available Soon from $499.99

From $499.99